Name Title Email Phone Web site
Anderle, Laura Theatre Director/Theatre Teacher Email (414) 351-8170 Web site
Bailey, Jon Math Teacher Email (414) 351-7905 Web site
Baldwin, Dawn Family & Consumer Science Teacher Email (414) 351-7529 Web site
Bauer, Cristy Assistant Principal Email (414) 351-7524 Web site
Bault, Jennifer Science Teacher Email (414) 351-8256 Web site
Becker, Penelope Library/Media Assistant Email (414) 351-7906 Web site
Bell, Alfred Recreation Administrative Assistant Email (414) 351-8148 Web site
Bergmann, Jacob Special Education Para-Professional Email Web site
Blair, Richard Special Education Para-Professional Email Web site
Brooks, Nate Associate Athletics & Recreation Director | Webmaster Email (414) 351-7568 Web site
Cappello, Gerard Testing Center & Student Support Paraprofessional Email (414) 351-7586 Web site
Carter, Olivia Counselor Email (414) 351-7557 Web site
Carver, Abigail Special Education Teacher Email (414) 351-7901 Web site
Couch, Sandy Communication Specialist/HSO Administrative Assistant Email (414) 351-7532 Web site
Cox, Samuel Spanish Teacher Email (414) 351-8292 Web site
Coyle, David Assistant Principal Email (414) 351-7533 Web site
Davis, James Supervisory Aide Email (414) 351-7540 Web site
Desrude, Andrea Athletic Administrative Assistant (Long-term Substitute) Email (414) 351-8145 Web site
Dicks, Michael Technology Education Teacher Email (414) 351-8253 Web site
Dineen, Emily Emily Dineen Administrative Assistant Director of Student Services Email (414) 351-7552 Web site
Domski, Jaime English Teacher Email (414) 351-8283 Web site
Early, Christopher Special Education Teacher Email (414) 351-8232 Web site
Eichhorn, Alisa Administrative Assistant Email (414) 351-7550 Web site
Ellenson, Ella Wellness Teacher Email (414) 351-8150 Web site
Ericksen, Pamela Accounts Payable Email (414) 351-7543 Web site
Flaherty, Michael Literacy Specialist/Instructional Coach Email (414) 351-8281 Web site
Franklin, Caleb Recreation Supervisor Email (414) 351-7521 Web site
Frazier, Malcolm Supervisory Para Email (414) 351-7530 Web site
Gal, Yael Hebrew Teacher Email (414) 351-8294 Web site
Gassner, Jo Special Education Para-Professional Email Web site
Goethel, Kay School Nurse Email (414) 351-7574 Web site
Gonring, Kevin Special Education Para-Professional Email Web site
Goronja, Matthew Math Teacher Email (414) 351-8223 Web site
Griffiths, Lisa Special Education Teacher Email (414) 351-7534 Web site
Hart, Christine High School Office Administrative Assistant Email (414) 351-7545 Web site
Hepp, Paul Social Studies Teacher Email (414) 351-8263 Web site
Hills, Melissa Special Education Teacher Email (414) 351-7569 Web site
Hoffman, Jamin Orchestra Director Email (414) 351-8173 Web site
Holdren, Kobe Supervisory and Student Support Paraprofessional Email Web site
Holifield, Jamie Social Studies Teacher Email (414) 351-8243 Web site
Houck, Jeff Science Teacher Email (414) 351-8285 Web site
Idstein, Victoria Spanish Teacher Email (414) 351-8293 Web site
Ignatowski, Anne Director of Student Services Email (414) 351-8169 Web site
Iverson, Monika Special Education Teacher Email (414) 351-8276 Web site
Jacobson, Dann Social Studies Teacher Email (414) 351-8268 Web site
Kabara, Greg Superintendent Email (414) 351-7525 Web site
Kassner, Austin Business Teacher Email (414) 351-8159 Web site
Konzen, Patricia Financial Specialist - Business Office Email (414) 351-8290 Web site
Koppa, Tim Wellness Teacher Email (414) 351-8153 Web site
Krause, Debbie Library/Media Specialist Email (414) 351-8220 Web site